Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 2: in & near Palai, India.

If people make a place, then the Thomas family (here picture) have done much to make Palai home to us. Dr. Stany Thomas teaches Politics at St. Thomas College (where I have begun one of my three courses) and has devoted time daily to assure that Kris and I have all we need. In this picture from last weekend my wife Kris and Stany are joined (left to right) by his mother (Accamma), father (Thomas), daughters Hannah (age 9) and Anna (age 12), son Tom (age 14), and wife Shanty. They watch over an elderly aunt who lives with them (unable to walk) and others (a large extended family many of whom live within an easy walk of their rural home. That they have made us part of their extended family is a great honor and spending last weekend with them was easily the highlight of an intensely busy week.

Having now composed and lost several more paragraphs to this entry my patience is nearly spent. Electrical outages, together with technological difficulties have had me spend over four hours to compose even this small entry. The many photographs relating to the trip to the Thomas family estate, views regarding the campus where I teach, and a nice set of pictures of events in Pala celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Virgin -- all will (hopefully) be available next week.

Now Kris and I must pack up to greet two of our children (Sonrisa and Shaman) who are due to arrive this evening at Kochi. We will spend three days in that fine city before returning to Pala on Sunday night. Perhaps this computer and other things electrical will then cooperate in allowing me to share more with you all.

Know that you are all thought of; that your freezing temperatures look good to us from our 90 plus degree days; that the Trail Blasers will survive without Greg Oden; that Oregon and Oregon State are both excellent football teams; and that life will go on regardless of what silly policy the U.S. may adopt in Afganistan.

Peace be with you all.
-- Michael S.

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